Looking for a nanny, private or resource teacher for your child? “Remarkable Kids” is here to help you out!


What does the service include?
At Remarkable we believe that each and every child is unique and deserves to get the best possible care and opportunity to develop their potential. This is exactly what inspired us to create “Remarkable Kids” – a place where you can find the right person to entrust them with your child and invite them to your home.


How does it work?
You call us to book an appointment for an absolutely free consultation. We meet face to face for 20-30 minutes to discuss the profile that you are looking for. We start the recruitment process and interview candidates meeting your requirements. We select the best ones and present you with a short list. You have the choice to meet them either at our office or at the comfort of your home – whichever is more convenient for you. When you select a candidate, we conduct deep and thorough check of their professional experience. Still, in case this is not the right fit, we replace it, absolutely free of charge with a new one within a week.

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